About Alex, CFA, CFP®

Alex Marukos, CFA, CFP®

Alex has always been obsessed with getting the most out of his money ever since he was old enough to start making it. (Thanks, Auntie Anne's.) Naturally, he went to school for finance, and after graduating summa cum laude, he found himself in the same position as many other college graduates: strapped with five-figures worth of debt and less than $100 in his bank account.

While figuring out how to get out of that mess, Alex started his career with a large, well-respected finance company. After wearing a number of hats early on and becoming a Chartered Financial Analyst, and Certfied Financial Planner, he was lucky enough to land a role that allowed him to provide investment advice to colleges and non-profits. The experience was incredibly rewarding, especially because of the financial peace of mind he was able to provide during the pandemic.

Outside of the office, his friends would ask him to help get them financially prepared for major life events such as buying a home and setting up college savings funds for their kids. Before long, people were being sent Alex's way for help with everything from credit card debt to overspending. He loved helping others succeed with money and so he decided to offer his expertise and services to others.

From his decade of experience, Alex's approach to financial coaching is deeply rooted in empathy, positive thinking, thoughtfully personalized action plans, relatable conversations, and having fun. Regardless of the clients' preferred learning style, Alex's end goal is always the same: to provide the tools and knowledge necessary to allow clients to achieve financial peace of mind.