What is Moneyskope all about?
Many couples haven't been given the knowledge to make the most of their money. Even worse, they're often forgotten or neglected by financial services firms simply because don't find it very profitable to help them. That's no excuse. At Moneyskope, we've made it our mission to help couples in the Philadelphia area achieve financial peace of mind. Whether it's through our personalized Dashboard or financial coaching, we are constantly striving to provide you with the tools and services to help thrive.
What makes Moneyskope special?
It goes without saying that all companies that provide financial services should put the client first and offer personalized coaching; we're no different. However, we level up our value to you through our Wealth Score, Dashboard, and coaching. The Wealth Score is a proprietary score that takes into account your financial data and feelings about money; it's the gold standard in measuring your financial health and your financial progress. Our Dashboard gives you all the information you need to make informed financial decisions via personalized insights, financial metrics, trends, and comparison data. Lastly, our financial coaching sessions - led by Alex Marukos, CFA, CFP® - put you on a clear path towards achieving your goals while remaining engaging and fun.
What products or services do you offer?
All of our products and services are designed to provide you with the financial coaching you need. To start, we offer free access to your personalized Dashboard. Secondly, we have an amazing line-up of financial coaching offerings for different needs.
Do you manage money?
We do not manage money. If this is a service you'd like to see in the future please contact us and let us know!
How does your pricing work?
For pricing information, please visit our pricing page.
What is the Dashboard?
Moneyskope's Dashboard is a personalized financial snapshot into your finances. Complete with your Wealth Score, insights, financial metrics, trends, and comparisons with other Moneyskope users, the Dashboard gives you the tools you need to start taking action. We designed the Dashboard to be clean, simple, and easy-to-use.
Why can't I link my bank accounts?
We believe in the value of regularly visiting your bank accounts, a process that can be easily forgotten if account updates are automated.
How do I report if something is broken?
If something doesn't look right or is broken, please contact us and let us know what you're experiencing. We'll investigate and get back to you a quickly as possible.
How will your financial coaching sessions help me?
We're here to accomplish your goals, whatever they might be. Our methodology follows a six-step process to do just that. Oftentimes, discomfort is a major barrier to achieving what you want. To that end, our coaching will help you get comfortable with being uncomfortable by being your trusted coach, confidant and accountability partner.
What happens after I purchase a plan?
Once you sign up for one of our plans you'll be directed to a page that will allow you to book your first meeting. After that, Alex Marukos, CFA, CFP® will reach out via email to introduce himself and collect some information. In the first session, he'll get to know you, set up your dashboard, and start discussing your goals!
What if I can't afford your coaching?
You can't put a price on tailored and effective financial coaching that lasts a lifetime. However, if you need more convincing, we guarantee that we can find savings that will pay for the cost of our guidance. And if you're STILL not convinced, ask yourself this: can you really afford NOT to put yourself on a path to financial success?