Financial coaching you'll actually enjoy

All conducted by Alex Marukos, CFA, CFP®

Some core services

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Aggressive Debt Strategies

Regardless of how much debt you have, we have the tools and strategies to figure out how to reduce your debt in a way that works for you.

Ferocious Goal Planning

Whether you want to travel the world or save for retirement, we're here to help you tackle your goals with a lion-like intensity.

Cash flow management

We consider your goals and preferences to craft a powerful cash flow strategy. That way, every dollar you make is working overtime for you.

Positivity breeds positivity

Negativity doesn't accomplish anything. Therefore, we utilize a non-judgemental, strengths-based approach, which highlights what you're doing well and brings a positive outlook to your improvement areas. Before you know it, you'll gain the momentum and confidence you need to accomplish your goals.

Let's have some fun!

We hate boring money conversations as much as you do. To avoid that, our coaching sessions are more free and lively. While video chats are always in play, our local presence allows for meeting up at bars, coffee shops, and just about anywhere else that doesn't scream "boring".

How it works

By your side every step of the way
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1. Determine your goals

Every journey needs an finish line. We'll use your goals to lay the most appropriate roadmap.

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2. Gather your information

At this stage, we'll collect all relevant information including you financial metrics and thoughts about money.

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3. Conduct analysis

By analyzing the information, your coach can begin to map out possible paths towards achieving your goals.

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4. Develop a plan

Your money expert will present you with a number of options, each having different trade-offs. Once you choose an option, we're ready to go!

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5. Implement the plan

Aaaand...we're off! The agreed upon plan will be put into motion. Don't worry. We'll be by your side to make sure everything goes right.

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6. Monitor progress

Via check-in meetings, you and your coach will discuss your progress. If necessary, we'll make tweaks to the plan so you can keep the motivation going.