Introducing the Wealth Score

The industry's first measure of financial health

The gold standard in measuring financial health.

Credit scores don't take your entire financial picture into account. Our Wealth Score does. By analyzing your assets, debts, expenses, income, and thoughts about money, we paint a more well-rounded financial picture. To make it even easier, the score uses the simple 0% to 100% scoring range that most of us are familiar with. (300-850, really?)

The Four Pillars

Your Wealth Score stands on the four pillars of financial health

ControlCan you comfortably make ends meet?

SafetyCan you handle unexpected expenses?

FreedomIs money holding you back from living the life you want?

GoalsDo you have financial goals? If so, do you have a plan?

Calculating Your Wealth Score

Everything going on under the hood happens over four processes

Collect The DataTo start, we gather your assets, debts, income, expenses, and thoughts about money.


Analyze The DataWe calculate financial metrics and score them against internal guidelines based on your age.


Determine pillar scores Each pillar is composed of metrics, which are scored and rolled up to determine each pillar's score.


Calculate the Wealth Score Finally, the Wealth Score is calculated via a weighted average of the pillar scores.

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